I have written this document to explain my thoughts on the most appropriate way to design and clinical information systems that valuably support the process of healthcare. As such, it includes a methodology for creating software for use by clinicians, managers and administrators to support both the day-to-day care of patients and the management of services for groups of patients.

I divide the “process of healthcare” into three core themes which are related and inter-dependent:

  1. The ‘day-to-day’ care of a single patient; data relates to a single individual.
  2. The management, audit and governance of clinical services; data relates togrouped, aggregated patient data and is service-specific.
  3. Supporting clinical research; data relating to a patient’s suitability for research projects as well as enrolment, consent and research-level data.

The complete document is available here.

An alternate non-dropbox link is here.