I currently have a range of projects, including commercial (Eldrix Ltd), academic (Cardiff University and BRAIN unit) and NHS (Cardiff and Vale, NHS Wales Informatics Service).

Commercial / personal projects (via Eldrix Ltd)

PatientCare EPR

An electronic patient record system, used across Wales, mainly in neurology. 61,045 lines of Java code supporting the care of over 20,000 patients in Wales recording over 3,000 clinical encounters every month. A web-based portal used across Wales since 2009 recording information about a range of patients with different diseases linked to clinical services and research together with diagnostic and outcome information. It uses SNOMED CT as its lingua franca. It supports many services, including:

  • Multiple sclerosis; it is the largest multiple sclerosis registry in the United Kingdom
  • Motor neurone disease; all patients in South Wales with motor neurone disease are registered together with longitudinal outcomes
  • Neuromuscular disease; all patients in Wales under the neuromuscular network
  • Parkinson’s disease; all patients in Cardiff and Bridgend with Parkinson’s disease and related disorders
  • Ataxia and movement disorders registry
  • All-Wales epilepsy registry as well as supporting epilepsy surgery programme
  • Metabolic medicine
  • Botulinum toxin clinics
  • Rare disease registries and genetics
  • Welsh Neurosciences Research Tissue Bank (WNRTB)

Status: Completed and deployed within the NHS, but looking for help to:

  1. Migrate to either N3 hosting or generic Internet hosting and making available across UK. Plan is to target highly-specialist “vertical” applications eg. MS, epilepsy, MND and rare disease registries but then use same platform to scale to other specialties.
  2. Academic collaborations in making use of these data.


HealthContact web portal and iPad and iPhone applications for research recruitment and recording patient outcomes in clinic. Open source. Integrates automatically with PatientCare EPR. The first Apple ResearchKit applications deployed in the United Kingdom (2015) and trialled in the Parkinson’s clinic.

Currently two projects - one in multiple sclerosis and one in Parkinson’s disease. Supervising PhD student looking at latter.

Status: Completed and deployed, but need collaborators to

  1. Extend its functionality, including versions for patient’s own devices.
  2. Finish work on generic real-time customisable research-enrolment application with application logic determined at runtime from data held in PatientCare EPR. Need commercial collaborators to complete project.


A version of the PatientCare EPR with a modern bespoke front-end designed only for multiple sclerosis. Uses pseudonymisation and tracks patient outcome to whole cohort in real-time (just like the full version, but hosted on Internet). Permits clinicians and patients to have web-based and iOS-based remote access and data entry into the NHS-hosted PatientCare system. Accessed by multiple NHS services across UK.

Status: Completed and deployed at https://msdata.org.uk


An open-source SNOMED-CT terminology server with fast free-text autocompletion functionality built as a microservice, currently live within PatientCare and deployed independently within NHS Wales providing comprehensive search and browse functionality as well as understanding of semantic meaning and subsumption.

Status: Completed and deployed, but looking for research or commercial collaborators to:

  1. Integrate with a national language processing toolkit (e.g. Stanford or Google NLP) for SNOMED-CT coding of longer bodies of free text context.
  2. Modify the existing REST API it provides to also provide a FHIR-compatible terminology server resource endpoint.
  3. Fully dockerise and deploy and commercialise the software

NHS projects (via Cardiff and Vale or NHS Wales)

ERAS - enhanced recovery after surgery

Working on clinical informatics and open platform design for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Status: Ongoing, looking for *NHS Wales - Cardiff and Vale * collaborators to:

  1. Continue clinical design work
  2. Work on open platform architectures within Wales.

NHS Wales - clinical informatics

Working with the NHS Wales Informatics Service to adopt open standards and platforms, including SNOMED-CT in current and new health systems.

Academic projects (via Cardiff University / BRAIN unit)

E-Seize : Employing Remote Seizure Alerts in Routine Epilepsy Care

Collaboration with academic and NHS colleagues to use remote monitoring to identify seizures in patients in the community and link data into our NHS medical records (PatientCare epilepsy module).

Status: Grant application in progress.

BRAIN unit: Clinical databases

Ongoing work on disease registries and outcome measurement for a range of neurological diseases. See https://brain.wales.

Status: Open to collaborations