PatientCare is an electronic patient record (EPR) system that supports the care of over 20,000 patients and records over 3000 clinical encounters every month.

I need to create some videos to demonstrate the range of functionality, but for now, I’ve included some old videos:

The motor neurone disease module

Clinic-based iPad application - HealthContact

We’ve trialled this in the outpatient clinic successfully. See our published abstract.

Medication entry

These videos show the real-time mapping of user entered text to SNOMED-CT codes from the DM&D (dictionary of medicines and devices). You’ll notice the parsing of doses and the calculation of unchanged, started and stopped drugs. This makes it very quick in the outpatient clinic.

iPhone application for communication

This was a simple iOS application that used the PatientCare EPR to handle user communication linked to the patient record. Unfortunately, I did not successfully convince my organisation to allow use of the wifi network, so I never deployed this.