Update 2021: rsterminology2 has been superceded by a much more comprehensive tool : hermes

I have released an open-source SNOMED-CT terminology server called rsterminology. The source code is available from https://github.com/wardle/rsterminology.

It is software that is designed to be used by other software, rather than by end-users. I have shown videos of how I use this in an electronic patient record system in previous posts. It runs as a java microservice and is currently deployed within NHS Wales.

I have installed a working version of this software on a very small virtual machine for demonstration purposes. It is not intended for production use please! I will monitor usage and add throttling or shut down the service if this is misused.

For clinical users, I have just created (29th April) a quick SNOMED-CT search facility on a web page so that you can enter terms like “MS” or “DM” or “IHD” or “amlodipine” and see how autocomplete can work. The application is available here.

Here are some simple examples of how it can be used: